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Monday May 10

Western/Grand:  Lilly Salma

Damen/Chicago:  Sophie Sandy

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Isabelle Jessica Suzie

North Suburbs: Zara (new north)

Wednesday May 12

Western/Grand: Jessica

Damen/Chicago: Zara Isabelle

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Sophie Natalia

North Suburbs: Salma (new north)

Tuesday May 11

Western/Grand: Zara

Damen/Chicago: Sophie Salma

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Lilly Sarah

North Suburbs: Jessica

Thursday May 13

Western/Grand: Sophie Lilly Suzie

Damen/Chicago: Natalia Sandy

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Salma Jessica Sarah

North Suburbs: Zara (new north)

Friday May 14

Western/Grand: Salma Sandy Sarah

Damen/Chicago: Sophie Suzie

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Natalia Isabelle Lilly

North Suburbs: Jessica

Saturday May 15

Western/Grand: Suzie Lexi

Damen/Chicago:  Sandy Isabelle

Milwaukee/Irving Park:  Jessica Salma

Sunday May 16

Western/Grand: Sandy Isabelle

Damen/Chicago: Salma

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Suzie