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Hot NEW SANDY First Day!



Monday April 5

Western/Grand:  Bella Lilly NEW SALMA

Damen/Chicago:  Audrey Amy Suzie

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Jessica  Sophie Isabelle

Schaumburg: Laura

Tuesday April 6

Western/Grand: Suzie Amy Isabelle

Damen/Chicago: Bella Lilly NEW SALMA

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Laura Audrey

North Suburbs: Jessica

Wednesday April 7

Western/Grand: Lexi Audrey NEW SALMA

Damen/Chicago: Amy Isabelle Laura

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Suzie Lilly Sophie

Thursday April 8

Western/Grand: Jessica Bella Lilly

Damen/Chicago: Suzie Sophie Amy

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Isabelle Audrey NEW SALMA

Schaumburg: Laura

Friday April 9

Western/Grand: Isabelle NEW EMILY NEW SANDY

Damen/Chicago: Melissa Audrey NEW SALMA

Milwaukee/Irving Park: Bella Sandra Laura

North Suburbs: Jessica

Saturday April 10

Western/Grand: Bella NEW SANDY NEW EMILY

Damen/Chicago:  Amy Sandra 

Milwaukee/Irving Park:  Suzie Isabelle Jessica

Sunday April 11

Western/Grand: Amy NEW SALMA

Damen/Chicago:  Suzie

Milwaukee/Irving Park:  Bella

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